Dictionaries For 3rd Graders Given Out By Rotary Clubs

Over One Million Children Served!

Since our beginning in 2004, over 1,032,912 children have received dictionaries through our District’s project! District 6110's goal is to provide a personalized dictionary for every third-grade student, and we do this every year. This project has grown far beyond our district and now serves Rotary clubs throughout the United States.

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This is not another  “throw-money-at-a-problem” project. It is a one-on-one personal contact with our future.

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MISSION: The goal of this program is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary. The dictionaries are a gift to each student to use at school and home for years to come.

Educators see third grade as the dividing line between learning to read and reading to learn, so we encourage our Rotarians to give dictionaries each year to children in the third grade. 

VISION: Through individual Rotary Clubs, we want to provide a personalized dictionary to every third grade student in District 6110. In this way we hope to help them to improve their communication skills and make the most of their education.


District 6110’s Connection: In 2001, Stanley Dixon, a member of The Southside Rotary Club of Tulsa, read an article about the dictionary project and his club ordered enough dictionaries for each of the Tulsa's Springdale Elementary school’s third-grade students. The books were such a hit that Southside Rotary decided to enlarge the program to include all the third-grade children in the entire Tulsa Public School District.

In 2005 the project was expanded and became an official District 6110 project with dictionaries being distributed by a majority of the Rotary clubs throughout our District.

“Third graders are at the perfect age to have a dictionary of their own. In 2nd grade they are too young, and in 4th they have already started writing and forming habits not easily changed.”

Dan Scooby

 “Our students do not have books at home. Having their own dictionary will improve learning potential and I know the parents also appreciate your caring attitude as you personally handed each child their own copy.”

C. Moore

“Can you imagine a 9-year old receiving his very first book? You might think that couldn’t happen in America. But it can and does, often, as Rotarians go about reaching children who have been ignored by most of the literacy safety nets.”

Don Wasson PDG



 “The nameplate was such a great idea! They loved seeing their name imprinted on it, and with your club name also they will remember you for years to come.”

M. Phillips, Mitchell Elementary

 “I only had 3 children out of 26 who had a dictionary at home. So the books not only reached the kids that needed them, but also their families.”

Angel Ambrosius, Carthage, MO

 “The Rotarians are doing more than their share in helping develop America’s future – our youth.  Thank you.”

Kirby Lehman, Jenks School Supt.

RotaryLiteracy.com is a project of Rotary District 6110. This district serves Clubs in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

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The district chair is Gary Pollmiller


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